I am trying to install a module but the database tables are not being created.
I get no errors and have ran update.php

Any suggestions?


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What module? You might want to post an issue in the modules queue.

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the Module is feed import.

I tried installing version 3 first couldn't get that to work.

Disabled it.
Uninstalled it.
Removed it.

Tried installing version 2.
Said it installed it fine.
Enabled it.
It enabled fine.
Tried to configure it. Got error messages saying table missing.

Checked the database and the tables are missing and are not getting created when the module is installed.

I will also post as an issue on the module itself.

Many thanks

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I managed to fix it by copying the feed_import directory from sites/all/modules to /modules,
that seemed to fix it.
At least the tables are there now and I can configure the module.

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Now that it's working, You should move it back to sites/all/modules or it may be overwritten when you upgrade drupal core.

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Thanks for the tip :-)