Hi everybody,

I need to create a Testimonial page where users can send feedback. I tried so hard to find a module or at least a useful (and not complicated) tutorial to do that but couldn't find anything...

Can someone help me through this please?



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Please describe in more detail what such a page would look like, and someone maybe able to help.


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Thanks for your reply,

I mean a page where users (registered or anonymous) can describe their experience and say what they think about the organization in text format.
Here are some examples:

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Hi there,

You just need to create a content type with such name & give appropriate permission to targeted users for adding new content!!

Like you would create a content type named "Testimonial". Give permission to Anonymous & Authenticated users to add content of Testimonial content type.

Add a link of "Add content(or Testimonial)" to your targeted page(such as Testimonial listing page) or menu. When user will reach to the page or see the menu, they will be able to see the link as they are permitted to add content.

Obviously you need to list all content of Testimonial type by views & make a page to show it on website.

I hope it helps :)

Rajeev Kumar,
Tech Lead @ EX2 Solutions

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Hi RajeevK

I tried to create a content type and view and do what you described but could not fix it!
Can you explain it one more time, step by step with all the details please?
I think the content type is ok and the view settings are good but when I check the page, the only thing I see is the title of the page and "posted by admin on Wed, 08/20/2014 - 18:30" in the content. No content and no way to create one!

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Solution 1 - Views and Content Types

Like stated before you can create a content type and fields give permissions for users to create content only on that content type then use views to create a slider, testimonials page, or a block to place anywhere on the site.

Solutions 2 - Views and Webforms

You as can use webforms which has its own views integration to show webforms results. So you create a webform to fill out for testomials then go to add view there should already be a view named Webform Submissions use this to create your view and place it anywhere on your site just as you would in solution 1 with sliders, page or block.