I don't exactly know where to put this in the forum as it doesn't exactly pertain to a specific module or situation.

I have a problem where my search results display duplicate nodes on multiple pages. For instance, if I search for a taxonomy term of "Browse All", which all nodes have, it will bring up node X on page 1 and then node X again on page 3. Not necessarily always a page apart.

My first suspicion was that it was some sort of indexing error, but I have re-indexed and ran the cron numerous each time to no avail. I've also updated all modules and Drupal Core individually to see if that solved the problem. I am trying to use Faceted Navigation for Search as my default search module. I have tried uninstalling this and just using the core search only to get the same results.

Any advice?

Installed Modules:

  • Drupal Core (7.31)
  • Admin menu
  • Ctools
  • Feeds + Feeds Tamper
  • Job Sched
  • Nivo Slider
  • Libraries
  • jQuery Update
  • Pathauto
  • Tokens
  • Faceted Navigation for Search
  • Facet API


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The problem seems to only persist when using GoDaddy hosting. I have a working site on Awardspace hosting without duplicate search results.

I'd appreciate any help or even just thoughts on what might be going on.

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I have a working site on Awardspace hosting without duplicate search results.

With the exact same modules and settings?

I'd find it very odd that it would be a host issue.

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Exact same modules, versions, and database info.

When installing on GoDaddy, I did a fresh install of Drupal and then copied over the 'sites' folder from Awardspace (Except for settings.php to account for a new database info). I then replaced the GoDaddy database with an export from the Awardspace database as well.

Not only that, but I've tried recreating the Awardspace site from scratch on GoDaddy to eliminate any problems there might have been with copying over the files/database.

Both of which resulted in duplicate search results on GoDaddy.

I have tried many other things as well with no luck, ranging from different PHP versions to trying to break the Awardspace site.

This leads me to believe that there is something different with the hosting environment.

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Agreed. I've no idea where to start with that. Same version of MySQL?

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SQL for GoDaddy is 5.5.32-cll-lve while Awardspace is 5.1.73-log

So there is a discrepancy between them, the PHP is different too: GoDaddy - 5.4.31 and Awardspace - 5.3.28, but I've already tried putting GoDaddy to 5.3.28.

Do you think the versions could affect how Drupal parses/receives the data, resulting in duplicate results?

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Do you think the versions could affect how Drupal parses/receives the data, resulting in duplicate results?

It's where I'd start my research for similar reports.

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Sounds like a plan. I'll see what I can find about Drupal and SQL/PHP versions.

I appreciate the help.

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I've migrated my site over to a new hosting platform, Bluehost, and still have this problem. This makes me believe that this is a SQL 5.5 issue.

To test this, I decided to make two fresh installs of Drupal, one on Bluehost(SQL 5.5) and one on Awardspace(SQL 5.1). With only the core modules in place, I added 20 Article nodes: Test 1, 2, 3, ..., 20
This is so when I search, I will have two pages of results.
When I search for "Test" on the Bluehost site I get duplicate results, while on Awardspace I do not.

The PHP versions are almost identical as well with Bluehost at 5.4.30 and Awardspace at 5.4.28.

I see no possibility other than this being an error with how Drupal handles SQL 5.5.
I've given some look into the Search and Node core modules to see if I could find an obvious error, but I do not know nearly enough about SQL versions and Drupal to be able to accomplish anything meaningful.

Should I post this in the Drupal Core Issue thread? Or is there something that I'm overlooking?

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you would post it as a bug report against the core search component if there aren't already any existing reports. I'd venture that if you research the issue in the queue the issue is likely already reported. Perhaps with a patch to be tested.