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Your styles look great on all browsers except older versions of Internet Explorer (e.g., IE6 thru IE9).


You're probably encountering the 4095 css selector limitation in IE6 thru IE10. This is a limit of the number of selectors per css file.


General Drupal Sites

The Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation module allows you to configure your Drupal site so that your CSS is chopped into separate css files, each with no more than 4095 selectors. This makes older versions of IE happy and does not effect other browsers negatively.

OpenAtrium2 Distro Sites

Step 1: If you're on a reasonably recent version of OA2, you already have the Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation module installed and enabled (double check at /admin/modules, though). If you don't have it installed, upgrade OA core to the latest stable release (and then you will have it).

Step 2: Make sure the config for this module (/admin/config/development/performance/advagg) looks like this.

Step 3: Go to Features admin page (/admin/structure/features), click on the tab labeled Open Atrium and then click on the Needs Review link next to Open Atrium Config.

Step 4: Check the Strongarm checkbox and click on Revert components.

This solution was documented by @banoodle and recreated here.

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Step 3122.63 KB
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Pantheon hosting and advagg module.

Ain't it great....!

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I'm just setting up an Atrium 2 site but im having problem with explorer displaying the top menu.
I've tried followin the above method, but:

1. Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation module was not enabled. After it was enabled it cleaned up a little bit
2. There was no "Needs Review" on Open Atrium Config. It was set to default from the beginning
3. There is no Strongarm checkbox to check off in Open Atrium Config

We're running Open Atrium 7.x2-26

Is there other solutions to this problem? Most of our users will be using an older version of explorer.