I have:
Drupal 6.33
Imagefield to 3.11
CCK FileField 6.x-3.13
Download method - public

The problem occured After update the Imagefield to 3.11 release.
When I try to edit existing/new created node with CCK Image field, occured message "Referencing to the file used in the %field field is not allowed".
New entry is OK, saved without problem.
When I try to edit it, the message occurs, when I delete the images, the node is possible to save without problem.


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Same here. New node is saved, editing fails. Though must be rather an issue with filefield, as this one received an update recently (16 July 2014) - not imagefield (14 April 2013).

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Its problem filefield and imagefield too. I had two, the same messages. After applying the patch #19 from http://www.drupal.org/node/2305969, left only one message.