My use case is this:

Editors upload images to nodes. These nodes display the images using two view modes, one square, the other a scale only. The square is for teaser display, the other for the node view.

I've been using SimpleCrop, a new and elegant JS crop module. Unfortunately, it does not support two separate crops (ie image used in separate view modes with separate image styles).

I feel that Focal Point is an excellent idea, and I think that if it was to support the SimpleCrop widget type for image fields, it would be quite cool. I imagine the config page would contain a new option to enable support for SimpleCrop fields, and then you would configure the image styles as normal with both the SimpleCrop action and the Focal Point scale & crop. The tricky part would probably be to render both widgets on the node form an retain good UX.

TL;DR: I think Focal Point would work well with a manual cropping solution that supports cropping multiple image styles.


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Just realized I misread "simplecrop" as "smartcrop" ... actually reading issue now

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After checking out simplecrop, I see some potential here, but I only think this could work if a user "applies" the crop immediately after uploading as opposed to relying on the image style that comes with simplecrop. Without too much thought, I'm not sure the focal point image styles could be made aware of the simplecrop and even if they could, I'm not sure if they should.

Anyway, I would certainly be happy to entertain some ideas on how exactly this might work, or better yet, patches are welcome.