I am trying to set up a forum, and have the moderators have the ability to delete messages.

We have advanced forum installed and a forum set up. I have created a moderator and I posted some messages. He does not have the ability to delete them. I as an admin can delete them, but he can't even though he's a moderator.

What do I need to do so the moderator can delete messages.


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Have you set up the People > Permissions page? Setting up permissions should have been covered in whichever book or video series you used when learned how to build a Drupal site? If it was not, you can consult the documentation on this site (linked from tab at top of this page) for such basic matters. If there is some bug such that the steps set out in the documentation are not working for you, please come back and give more details of the steps you took.

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Take a look at the Forum Access module.

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