We have been having issues recently with the translation of string leading to WSoD's (White Screens of Death) when translating.

Some digging into the code has lead me to the function i18n_string_load_multiple($conditions) at line 445 in i18n_string.module. This constructs an SQL query which returns a null response as there is no values returned from the SQL. This then causes the $i18n_string_object->cache_reset(); call on line 402 of i18n_string.pages.inc to fail as $i18n_string_object is null.

This only happens when the string that we are trying to translate doesn't have a context and therefore isn't in one the tables in the SQL.

Has anyone out there got any idea how we can get around this? The translation still saves, it just requires our translators to press the back button to get away from the WSoD and see the translation.




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