I have successfully installed OpenIdeal on a Ubuntu server (12.04)& have opened the home page (successfully)
Is there a default user/password for initial login?

Also is there any documentation..?



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Still can't login in as "admin" or as the account I have setup. I can see the 2 accounts in the mysql DB via the command line.

In my frustration I have been navigating around the Open Idea site (not logged in) & when I click on submit an idea link I get the following error - "The requested URL /idea7/node/add/idea was not found on this server."

My installation prcoess was this:-
1)Ubuntu server, LAMP installed at setup
2)Downloaded openideal & extracted. Copied to /var/www/
3)Opened firefox & navigated to localhost\idea7 - run though installation setup.
4)got past the missing components.
5) unable to login
6)frustrated - wheres the documentation?

6.1)downloaded a VM appliance with Drupal already installed
6.2)can I just add in openideal via the modules tab?

Thanks for any help or advice?