I use views to display a map with some markers on. Above the view I get a large green information box displaying the information IPGV&M: passing the following to Google Maps:
•- map options {"mapTypeId":"roadmap", "zoom":9, "styles":[{"featureType":"road", "stylers":[{"saturation":-80}] }]
•- center option: 4
•- visitor marker:
•- use GPS:
•- visitor location fallback: (-, -)
•- marker dimensions : w21 x h34 px, anchor: 34 px
•- 2 locations found

This green information box is only visible for visitors, and dissapears when I log in.

Does anyone know how to remove this information box ?


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Hi Tor!

Someone must have configured it this way -- maybe you but you forgot? ;-)

Visit the IPGV&M configuration page: admin/config/system/ip_geoloc
Open the bottom fieldset "Advanced options".
Remove user names from the text field.


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Hi RdeBoer !

Thanks for your reply !

I checked as you described, but the field on that page is already empty, and yet the green status message still shows for anonymous users, but not for logged in ones.

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Oouch! This would be very bad.
Can you please try 7.x-1.x-dev?
Thanks for helping me out.

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I have now installed the 7.x-1.25+39-dev (2014-Jul-31) version, but still no change.

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Thanks I shall have a closer look.

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Hi Tor/Kreativis,

I tried the the dev again on my system and it works as it should for me.

When I put "admin" in the textfield, only admin gets the green debug info.
When I put "anon" in the textfield, anonymous users get debug.
When I make sure the textfield is empty and Save, no one gets debug.

I've attached a screenshot so we're sure we're talking about the same page: admin/config/system/ip_geoloc, and the textfield that should be blank is "Detail execution progress with status messages"

If this is not working for you, I don't understand...


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Hi and thank you for your response !

I tried to put "admin" in the field and that worked. What happened then was as expected, only admin can see the information.

However the strange thing is that if I leave the texfield empty, then it comes back and is only visible for visitors.

However the problem is now solved for me, by putting "admin" in the text field, or just some random text and it dissapears for admin aswell.. (as it is then trying to show it to a non existing user.)
Even tho its sort of a quasi solution, it works fine enough for me.

Thank you very much for your help !

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Hi Kreatvis,
Thanks for the feedback and the info about the empty textfield. As mentioned I cannot reproduce this on my system. I know there are subtle differences between PHP 5.4.x and PHP 5.3.x, so was wondering which version you use? As you probably know you can find the version your Drupal is using at /admin/reports/status.
I myself am using 5.4.4, but of course want to make sure it works on all recent versions of PHP.

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One more question... at the top of the Account Settings page, .../admin/config/people/accounts, what did you fill in for the Anonymous user name?

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Hi again

Sorry for the late respond.

I am using PHP Version 5.5.16

At /admin/config/people/accounts , the Anonymous user name is set to: Anonymous

Also if this information is of any use, I am using a purchased theme on this site and the site is set up with multilanguage. Curently it is set to Norwegian as the default language.


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Thanks for the info @Kreativs,
That is a very recent version of PHP. The problem still remains a mystery. Sigh...

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

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