Using flexslider with view and getting "too much recursion" error on firebug and because of it slider is not working. Please see the attached image. Thanks

2014-07-29_1817.png65.96 KBkhaldoon_masud
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From the documentation page

Flex Slider Views

Flex Slider Views allows you to build views which display their results in Flex Slider. Similarly to how you can output fields as an “HTML List” or “Table”, you can now select “Flex Slider” as an option.

Create or edit a view and ensure it can load a content type which contain image fields. Set your display fields to include an image field. In the field settings, DO NOT SET THE FORMATTER TO FLEXSLIDER. This will attempt to put Flex Sliders inside other Flex Sliders and will just get messy. Ensure you don’t include any wrapper markup, labels or container markup for the field value itself. Save your field.

Next, go to “Format” in the main Views windows. Click and select “Flex Slider”, then select your option set. Save your view and you should see your results displayed in Flex Slider.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)