Long ago I pretty well gave up on this and update all sites manually.

Wordpress has a simple updater. I have never understood, why no Drupal simple updater.

We have had three updates in the past couple months. Drush helps of course, but you can't pass root access off to the people you built the site for.

This is not a gripe. Why Drupal doesn't include a simple version update module in the core.

If there is an updater module, maybe someone could share the information.



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There isn't a module that will update core in D7 or below. There won't be one for D7 or or below. I don't know if D8 does or not.

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Drush has a one-line command to update your site (drush up). It's about as easy as it gets.

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Given that it's a simple 2 word command via the command line, I would venture to say it has to do with security. We have an excellent security team working on drupal so the fact that you can do via drush and not through the web browser indicates to me that no one has submitted a patch that would provide a secure browser method.

That's just a guess though...

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There is a Drupal 8 core issue to provide this, and Webchick was in favour. However, it is not going to happen any time soon. Even though there was someone there offering funding and there is some code in place, finally no one stepped up to the plate to get it written.

This is not the end of the story - if you (I mean OP) wish to contribute money or work to making it happen, there is always a chance of reviving this idea, as the talk is that new features may be allowed into 8.1, and a lot of people would be very grateful for getting this working reliably. The chance of it happening for Drupal 7 are close to zero, but there would definitely be others willing to help getting it into Drupal 8, albeit it is very unlikely in 8.0, it will take longer than that.

Since you ask why there no such feature, that is the short answer. I do not have the issue node number to hand, where one could read the long answer. A little Googling should probably find it.

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That makes sense then. This is one of those instances where the folks that most need the feature (inexperienced or non technical folks who likely don't use drush or even know about it) are not developers. Conversely, developers who can contribute/work on the feature likely use drush and so don't need it and therefore don't work on it or consider it a priority.