Hello all, I hope i posted my first thread in the correct path. I have very big question.... Where is the most secure place to be our website hosting server, if world war III happen ??

This question in my head over week, i could not found the answer. This matter is frightening me :(. I know this is political view, but when i imagine that could be happen, I just dont know where to put my hosting.


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The most secure location would be somewhere other than where the world war is happening.

Give us a list of countries in which it will happen, and we can likely give you a list of hosts that are not in those countries.

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What you need is redundancy to reduce your risk in case of catastrophe, have 2 or 3 servers in different locations backed up to each other so you can bring the site up on another server if needed.

You could try Switzerland they never get involved in wars.