Are there any good examples of Drupal being used as a Web Application? So far I've seen more Drupal sites used as a basic CMS.


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You can use the Services module to create a web server that uses Drupal as a back end. The services module allows for oAuth and oAuth 2.0 authentication (as well as other methods), and it's possible to create various types of servers, though a REST server ships with the module by default.

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Jaypan, I am aware of Drupal's capabilities and is in the process of using Drupal to power a mobile application. I was just wondering if anyone can provide links to where Drupal is being used as a web application.

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We're in the middle of building one now - give me a couple of months and I'll have an example for you.

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What is your application about? (You don't have to go in details)

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We've created a social networking site, and we are creating an app for this for mobile (or rather, we are creating the Drupal backend for it - an app developer is doing the actual app). It will be on IOS and Android. Think of how FaceBook has an app that syncs with it.

As far a just an app without a site, that could be done as well - we would have just left off the web interface.

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We are creating a similar website as well but we will be incorporating a points and a rating system.

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Hi Jaypan,

I wonder i always find you in forum :).

I actually want to use Drupal as Framework. Unfortunately at job i m getting basic sites project.

I want to know the key points how you structure drupal to work it like social app.


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That's not really an easy question to answer - it's been a project I've been working on for two years. It's heavily customized, with many custom tables and functionality for it.

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I would love to see the working example of Drupal As Application Framework

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Our tentative live date is January 1st.

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Is the site now live for us to see?

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Unfortunately not yet! The scope widened specifically, and we're still working on it. By far the biggest project I've ever worked on.

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Hi Jaypan, I would really like to see this when you're done. I am in the process of learning Drupal. Would you have any suggestions for a good book to buy to learn Drupal? Also I eventually want to learn in intricacies of Drupal and would like to learn PHP and MySQL as well. Can you recommend any good books that will help me progress in this environment?

Thanks and best of luck with your app.

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I've got a deadline of Feb 28th, so it should be done then. It's my primary focus this month.

Would you have any suggestions for a good book to buy to learn Drupal?

It depends, are you looking to code for Drupal, or are you looking to build sites on Drupal (ie - using modules, rather than coding)? Different books cover these issues.

would like to learn PHP and MySQL as well

I would actually recommend using your time to learn PHP and MySQL before you start learning to code for Drupal, as these are essential things to understand before you get into the Drupal way's of doing them.

My suggested order would be:

1) HTML and CSS
1A) (optional, though recommended) - JavaScript
1B) (again, optional) - jQuery
2) PHP and MySQL
3) Drupal site building (building with modules)
4) Drupal coding (writing custom modules)

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Thank you Jaypan, this is very helpful for me and anyone else who may have the same question. Best of luck on your Feb release. I also should have looked at your credentials and looked up what an Acquia certified Developer, Back End Specialist, and Front End Specialist are...


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Jaypan it is now July :) Is your application ready for us to demo?

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Almost :)

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Just read through the whole thread anticipating a link.

Think I'm going to learn php just for Drupal.

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My client ran out of money - project got cancelled. That said, I've used Drupal for the backend on a couple of apps, and it works nice.

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Is there a good Recruitment / Job Board module for Drupal 8 ? I have not been able to find one.

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This is a job board management system developed with Drupal 7

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This is done with Drupal -