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Title: Panopoly 1.9 hitlist » Panopoly 1.10 hitlist
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The 1.9 release turned out to be security update! Switching this to 1.10.

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Title: Panopoly 1.10 hitlist » Panopoly 1.11 hitlist
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Panopoly 1.10 became a security release for

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It would be great to get these two fixes into the distribution:

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@rboedeker.... can you create a separate panopoly issue for each of those? And for bonus points a patch. :-)

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Title: Panopoly 1.11 hitlist » Panopoly 1.12 hitlist
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Panopoly 1.11 also become a security release - updating the hitlist to 1.12!

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Please consider moving #1965864: Support CKEditor in Panopoly to In Progress.
Several reasons:

  1. There is a patch
  2. It can be added but not set as default
  3. This is clearly the future route for Drupal
  4. Many people seem to be taking different approach and including may help align efforts
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Re-arranged some issues:

Anyway, I think we could release 1.12 when the issues in the first section are fixed, but ideally after issues in the first 2 sections are finished (or, of course, when a security release forces our hand).

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Alright! All the "in progress" issues are complete - now it's the "long standing and important" issues left.

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long time no geek :)

just a quick question: do i have to open an issue/request for this or can i keep it here: would it be possible to add to the notes of releases whether they contain Drupal security updates? that would be super helpful.

i'll take a closer look at issue & see where i can help --or if you guys have anything in mind, let me know.


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Hi @liza!

We always put a note at the top of the release notes saying whether the release contains a security release or not (see the notes for 1.12 for example). Also, we include it in the title of the announcement on For example, here's the announcement from yesterday:

If there is anything we can do to make it clearer when a security fix is included, please let us know! (Although, that probably makes more sense on another issue, as I'm about to close this one since 1.12 was released).


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Status: Active » Fixed

Closing, since we released Panopoly 1.12 yesterday:

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.