I was set on purchasing the book The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 by Apress Books. But then I read some reviews, which were mostly glowing, which I like, except they are a couple of years old. And even then other reviews more or less seemed to indicate that it was going out of date as Drupal had gone to version. 7.2 and eventually will be version 8, sometime in the future, though I don't know when.

Does anyone have this book that could tell me if this book is still worth buying for someone like myself, who is not a big Tech guy but wants to get a good grasp on Drupal and build some sites?

What is out of date in it?

Is a second edition coming out? When?

Have they sent out updates and continue to do so?

Basically, is it worth buying anymore?

Those are the kinds of things I need to know to decide to buy it or not. I contacted Apress but haven;t hear anything yet.

I want to use Organic Groups and it has a chapter on that. I will also try to use Ubercart. These are just a couple of modules I am interested in and I know it talks about Organic Groups.

Thanks for your help.


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The book itself was great when it first came out 3.5 years ago. Apress publishes errata on their site I believe. The principles in the book will still be the same, just make sure you check their errata.

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Thanks Jaypan. That helps.

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Keep in mind that on the ecommerce side the book covers Drupal Commerce, not Ubercart.

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Thank you bojanz. I do have an Ubercart book for that but, maybe I'll play around with the other too. I'm excited about the Organic Groups stuff, though I think it might be out of date. But, It'll be good to go through it so I can appreciate the newer stuff. Thanks.