Hi everybody,

we experience a problem with the IMCE image browser after updating our Drupal core to 7.29.

When selecting certain images from the file browser for an image field which is tagged as mandatory, the AJAX POST gets resolved normally, but the user interface throws an error which tells me to choose an image for this field.

The peculiar thing is that it works with some images, and doesn't work with other images. I can reproduce this error dependably.

When I download the image from the server and upload it using IMCE's upload function, it works just fine. It's just when choosing it from the browser that the error gets displayed for some images.

Hope anyone can help me out here, I'm happy to give more informations should questions arise.

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Same problem and I want to point something out. It's now the seccond time that the core update of Drupal 7 is generating errors. The 7.28 generated error regarding the summary button in node creation now problem with selecting image.
To Drupal administrators: Please run all the test before lunching something new !

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That could be caused by the last core changes. You can try patches form that issue or wait for the next core release. I suppose it comes soon.

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To clarify, this requires https://www.drupal.org/project/imce_filefield in order to experience the bug, right?

Here's a patch to IMCE that might fix it for public files, although it's kind of a workaround. (The newest core patch I posted at #2305017-64: Regression: Files or images attached to certain core and non-core entities are lost when the entity is edited and saved should also fix it for public files; please comment there if you've tested that patch with IMCE.)

In the case of private files, things get more complicated and I don't believe there's anything core can do to help. But I suppose IMCE's existing code for handling issues with private files via a brute force setting still works about the same.

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The 7.28 generated error regarding the summary button in node creation

Which issue are you referring to?

To Drupal administrators: Please run all the test before lunching something new !

Um... who are "Drupal administrators"? :)

All tests are always run before committing patches or doing a core release (this mostly happens automatically, although requires manual intervention for security patches). Drupal 7.29 passed all current tests (https://qa.drupal.org/7.x-status). But obviously there isn't 100% test coverage for every possible regression. Which is why the above core issue will add a new test at the same time it fixes this bug.

Also, security fixes sometimes have to touch things that ideally wouldn't be changed in a stable release. With limited volunteer time we do our best to review and catch issues in advance, but don't always catch everything.

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With this patch #3 I am able to attach images to nodes again. I had the problem that no images couldn't be attached to nodes (when editing or creating new one).
Using Drupal 7.29 without the new core patch, imce, Imce_filefield.



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Thanks, David_Rothstein, the patch fixed my issue.

I'm new to the Drupal community, how should I procede with this issue? Mark it as done?

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Version: 7.x-1.9 » 7.x-1.x-dev
Component: User interface » Code

@joernm; no, it it needs more reviews/confirmations and then subsequently will be "committed" so that it goes in to the -dev branch. You dont have to do anything more as you have confirmed that the latest patch worked for you. Thanks for the confirmation.

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