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I would like to rise a discussion regarding the future of jQuery plugins usage in Drupal 6. The most important question is how to utilize jQuery plugins gracefully and avoid duplication. Now you need to create a wrapper module for every jQuery plugin to bring it into Drupal but in many cases it is not good because many modules want to share the same plugin and don't require wrapper module functionality.

I found that there are some solutions already developed such as jQuery Plugin ( and jQ ( ... And of course it is interesting what will happen with JSTools module (

What will be the best practice to create a module wich uses a new jQuery plugin? Where to put this plugin and which approach to use?

nedjo, Rob Loach, sun, mfb, aaron (and other guys who is taking part in these modules development) will you share your thoughts and vision with us so that we know which way to move?

We appreciate your work.


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I also would appreciate to have some more documentation about how to use jQuery in Drupal 6 for custom module.

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With this stuff??? Is there developed some General (Universal) module for this?
Does anybody know if D6 could take all JQuery's plugins in one place?

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I'd love to see this discussion take place too.. I realise that this thread is deprecated, so if there's another discussion of this nature, it'd be good to have a link to it (I'll keep looking myself).