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YAML files for contextual links, local tasks, and local actions have been renamed to improve the developer experience. The new naming scheme makes it easier for a developer to determine what a module implements, and does not require module developers to know special names for each subsystem.

Also, the the naming is more consistent and as an added bonus makes the files appear grouped together in a directory listing.

  • *.local_tasks.yml has been renamed to *.links.task.yml
  • *.local_actions.yml has been renamed to *.links.action.yml
  • *.contextual_links.yml has been renamed to *.links.contextual.yml
  • *.menu_links.yml has been renamed to *

Also updating the prior change notices:

Module developers
Updates Done (doc team, etc.)
Online documentation: 
Not done
Theming guide: 
Not done
Module developer documentation: 
Not done
Examples project: 
Not done
Coder Review: 
Not done
Coder Upgrade: 
Not done
Other updates done