I came up with this idea: a system for storing machine names centrally to manage them centrally.

When I use modules I can set up machine names. Let's say for a flag. Than I build up my views with that flag. Views will save this flag name. Than I meet a module that uses name convention for flags. Because of this I want to rename my flag. Doing so it will not rename it Views modules views. If I have 20 views I need to go through of each.

I'm thinking on a system where machine names are stored and I use a reference to these only or where My machine names are stored centrally and can be managed centrally.

This system should be flexible as moduls might come up with different ideas about machine names, what is for sure is that for a beginner user it's so hard to get issues solved which come from machine name changes right now.

Maybe a machine name should be an object that is expandable, or can have different name at the same time, ... ???

Please Share your thoughts in this subject.