Release info

Created by: japerry
Created on: July 8, 2014 - 06:27
Last updated: September 5, 2014 - 22:48
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

Release Notes for 7.x-1.0-beta2

To upgrade COD, follow the instructions here:

Changes since 2014-06-05:

  • Give administrators access to the 'view program' permission.
  • #2003836 by japerry: Fix foreign keys feature overridden for cod_paid_events.
  • #1702104 by japerry: Add Cancelled and Backup field_status options, alter field_status to text instead of integers.
  • #2003836 by japerry: Fix foreign keys feature overridden. (Requires associated cod_profile patch as well)
  • Remove legacy cod_event_room view from cod_schedule
  • #2295951 followup by japerry: Change entityreference select widget to use the new cod timeslot view handler.
  • #1717438 by japerry: Remove admin_menu as a dependency from cod_base.
  • #2127369 by jyee, japerry: Rename remaining 'groups audience' fields to event.
  • #2281621 by japerry: Allow times and rooms to be deleted.
  • #2295159 by japerry: remove legacy cod admin block.
  • #2295691 by christefano: Remove cod_bof interdependency
  • #2295951 by japerry: Fix event related ajax widgets to display correct related data when event is changed
  • #2170851 by japerry: Add some default pathauto settings for event related content.
  • #2293563 followup by japerry: Change URL arguments for node add aliases and event management tabs.
  • #2121851: Add admin sessions table to sponsorship dashboard
  • #2293563, #2293561, #2281505 by japerry: Bulk redo of admin paths, enabling schedule item pane, and adding access checks.
  • #2281689 by fullerja: Enable OG for news items
  • #2282543 by japerry, kclarkson: Enable subpathauto module by default.
  • #2284763 by japerry followup: Add the permission to cod_base info file.
  • #2281685 by genjohnson: Rename BoF redirect link
  • #2284753 followup by japerry: Make it so schedule items don't have non-member access.
  • #2284763 by japerry: Allow authenticated users to view thier own unpublished content.
  • #2285799 by japerry: Change og_node_access_strict to false since we aren't really using OG permissions yet.
  • #2284753 by japerry: Give correct node create permissions to nodes based on user permissions instead of blanket og_group_ref permissions.
  • #2281511 by genjohnson: Cleanup no results behavior text for My Schedule view display.
  • #2281509 by fullerja: Add declined and featured options to session display tabs.
  • #2281579 by japerry, bryanstein: Fix og_user_access error when no group content is enabled.
  • #2274101 by japerry: Add panels dependency to features that require it.