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Drupal generator meta tag can be hidden using this module

<meta name="Generator" content="Drupal 7 (" />

The same can also be done using template.php. Put in the below code in template.php file. If you already have _html_head_alter() defined, add the below code in that function.

* Implements hook_html_head_alter().
function YOUR_THEME_html_head_alter(&$head_elements) {
  // Hide Drupal generator meta tag.
  // Use this if you want to hide the Drupal 7 Generator meta tag.
  $generator = 'Leave blank or add random generator name';
  $head_elements['system_meta_generator']['#attributes']['content'] = $generator;
  if (isset($head_elements['system_meta_generator']['#attached']['drupal_add_http_header'][0][1])) {
    $head_elements['system_meta_generator']['#attached']['drupal_add_http_header'][0][1] = $generator;

Alternative solution
If you use the module Metatag (, then you can edit the Drupal generator meta tag there.

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