I know issues about sort have been reported before, but this is a new issue. I had sort working fine yesterday, but had an issue and had to disable IMCE in order to install a dev version of WYSIWYG to fix another problem I was experiencing. I disabled all modules requiring WYSIWYG, deleted WYSIWYG, and then installed the dev version. I reenabled IMCE and the others and have been using it. I noticed today that I can no longer sort at all in the file browser.

I'm running the latest version (7.x-1.9) and have made no other changes. Could it be the dev version of WYSIWYG? Or is IMCE separated enough that it is an issue with this module?



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I should mention that I have now tested this in three browsers. The sort feature is not available in any of them.

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Trying to work through this. Was wondering if minify had caused an issue on allowing required resources to load, but I've cleared minify and the cache and still no sorting. What resources does the IMCE File Browser require? I notice the hooks in the source appear as javascript. I don't believe I've changed any of the javascript serving except for minify. Are there others I should check?

Also, I swapped back to version 7.x-1.9 of WYSIWYG and there was no change. Still no sort option.

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