I'm not a Drupal developer but a pro Drupal site builder. I can read PHP and able to tweak and even write some code. I was thinking about learning the development but came across this idea that in D8 we have symphony and some other big changes. Now the question is that shall I start learning D8 dev or I should start with D7 dev?


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D7. D8 is still far away from release.

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Even if D8 goes gold tomorrow, D7 will be the choice for substantial production sites for a while until a crit mass of modules port and the inevitable bugs shake out. And the need to maintain existing D7 sites will be a desired skill for years to come.

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Right now if you learn Drupal 8 it may be another year or more before you start using it professionally. As for Drupal 7 it's live right now in a lot of places and it will be here for a while (look at Drupal 6).

So maybe learn 7 and keep and eye out for 8.