I have four website - www.ultradating.tk, www.usa.ultradating.tk, www.openid2.tk, www.usa.openid2.tk. I am using shared hosting.

I want to install a module that Login should work in such a way - when user try to login in www.usa.ultradating.tk, user should be redirect to www.ultradating.tk (as a central login system) for login and after succesful login, user should again redirect to www.usa.ultradating.tk (in this website user should become logged in user after redirection). Like this way login should work with www.openid2.tk, www.usa.openid2.tk (where user will be redirect to www.ultradating.tk for login).

This is same as www.google.com, www.gmail.com and other google website. One user, can have one account throughout all the google websites.

Can this module solve this problem?


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Hey ..

You can use instand of short url /destination_path

[site-url]/destination_path for this you have to install token Module First of all
drupal.com/Destination_path as Directly as it is

w8 for Replay ..

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