One of the features of configuration translation is that default text, english config, can be "translated". But the UI for this is not available until a second language is added.

config translation (with second language), shows the edit on english

config translation (with only site default language), shows no edit on english

Steps to reproduce

    1. install drupal
    2. install (enable) config translation
    3. go to a translation page ... like translate a role (admin/people/roles/manage/administrator/translate)

Proposed resolution

Make the UI have the edit button for config translation even without a second language.

Remaining tasks

  • Figure out how to do this in the code. :)
Contributor tasks needed
Task Novice task? Contributor instructions Complete?
Create a patch Instructions
Embed before and after screenshots in the issue summary Instructions
Review patch to ensure that it fixes the issue, stays within scope, is properly documented, and follows coding standards Instructions

User interface changes

[after there is a patch, put before and after screenshots here.]

API changes

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added steps to reproduce and screenshots

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One note: Assuming that #2161801: Update hook_help for Config translation module gets finished before this issue... If this feature is added, the hook_help() for the Config Translation module should be updated to take out the "you need to have two languages before you can translate configuration" part.

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Status: Active » Needs review
Issue tags: +Amsterdam2014

I've tested it today and it worked to me but used Head version.

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I tested it:

1. install a fresh git checkout, branch 8.0.x
2. enable config translation
3. navigating to admin/people/roles/manage/administrator/translate

It works for me!

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Just to prevent double work: I created a separate issue for the position error of the button in the screenshot:

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Status: Needs review » Active

there is no patch to review, I guess we just need to confirm there is no bug.

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I'm at the PNW Drupal Summit sprint. I'm reinstalling head, and I'll test this.

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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

Worked for me also, just like for killerpoke in #4.

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Creating relationship to the button issue mentioned by @killerpoke: #2349829: #2293589 breaks table row buttons