#2099271: Deploy cgit on new git servers removed the web UI for git blame. That has been is a popular feature for several years. Let's find a way to restore the functionality.

If we want to add it to cgit, it is on their roadmap.

There are also other git->web viewer tools we could consider using.


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+1 here

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Removing unnecessary points of debatable accuracy (it was in testing for 2 months, I think I used annotate prior to 2011).

Adding possible paths to resolve the issue.

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Added link to cgit's roadmap posted to their mailing list as of February.

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"There are also other git->web viewer tools we could consider using."

When cgit was chosen for this it was the only option that could come close to meeting our scaling needs/performance needs. That may have changed, but....I kind of doubt it. There is a reason cgit has become so popular for big sites.

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I agree with #6, I just wanted to list out what I can think of as the possible ways to handle this.

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Definitely, just wanted to give some history. It is likely we will need to talk to the author and see what it would take to help this along.

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