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  1. Voting usually begins once you've finished accepting new sessions, so votes are applied fairly.
  2. Adjust flag access on the Session vote flag (admin/structure/flags/manage/session_vote) to allow other roles to vote on sessions. Additionally, you'll need to check off which display options apply best to your site.
  3. You will probably want to do some additional theming to ensure the "Vote for this session" links are more prominent on session nodes, or build a view that shows all nodes that haven't been voted on by the current user, filterable by track/experience level.
  4. Remove the flag access by role (flags/manage/session_vote) when you want to stop allowing people to vote.

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To actually show voting links, you have to go into panelizer to the default settings for a session and add the links to the layout. (Or display them some other way - these steps make the flagging enabled, but you still have to display the links somehow).