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MD5: fa268e0c23b2af31ed560aa03a986cf1
SHA-1: 925c8768857891b5862d070d67e7c25bdabc36fd
SHA-256: cf210e960c7713b0bc38408b62f2b2af18643a958553ea25f129483accbd2c28
Download field_group-7.x-1.4.zipzip 57.86 KB
MD5: fc40e9cdc8ce45ceb61c73c260a140c0
SHA-1: 13e500852207f878613fdee8762b620219d520be
SHA-256: 3cdcc2121bbee19f4e10ad3cf22b3e7f987fc08a5d22f3c72f4607799f7f4716

Release info

Created by: zuuperman
Created on: 4 Jun 2014 at 21:47 UTC
Last updated: 6 Jan 2016 at 19:43 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

  • view commit • Issue #2129805 by RaF: Incorrect markup when open div & custom classes provided.
  • view commit • Issue #2037731 by maximpodorov, Zach Harkey: Remove id attribute from HTML elements.
  • view commit • Issue #2099505 by borisson_ | Maks: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in field_group_build_entity_groups() (line 1894 ..sites/all/modules/field_group.
  • view commit • Issue #2102397 by thebruce: Field Group 7006 update fails with "Cannot use string offset as an array in /field_group/field_group.install on line 318.
  • view commit • Issue #2122733 by Alan D.: Remove test module from admin listing.
  • view commit • Issue #2212431 by tim.plunkett: Field groups that contain only elements that use #markup are hidden.
  • view commit • Issue #2175731 by tobiasb, daggerhart: HTML produced by module is broken.
  • view commit • Issue #2190425 by tobiasb: Fix attach behavior.
  • view commit • Issue #1911530 by tobiasb, Simon Georges: Remove useless files[] directive from .info files.
  • view commit • Issue #1358430 by oushen, tobiasb | FriedJam: JS "Error: uncaught exception: Syntax error, unrecognized expression:".
  • view commit • Issue #2104391 by mike_san: Package descriptions.
  • view commit • Issue #2189777 by gmercer: Exporting a feature with field groups sometimes leads to $field_group->data being set to an empty string.
  • view commit • Issue #2168689 by Paul B: Beïng should be being.
  • view commit • Issue #2037731 by rreiss, maximpodorov, Zach Harkey: Make id attribute optional. Current installations will default get the old ids
  • view commit • Issue #2173351 by axe312: Add a label to html-element wrappers.
  • view commit • Issue #1954056 by klonos: Proper capitalization in the project name.
  • view commit • Issue #2224547 by sdrycroft: Fixed field_group_info_groups() clears all CTools caches when it should only clear the field_group caches.
  • view commit • Issue #2099505 by joelpittet, borisson_ | Maks: Fixed Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in field_group_build_entity_groups() (line 1894 ..sites/all/modules/field_group.
  • view commit • Issue #2223269 by barraponto: Fixed Don't filter and translate empty strings.


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