I have managed to get FlexSlider to work and its fantastic.

My only issue is that I cannot create (or amend) an optionset.

When i click the button to add a new one i get


If i proceed to save i get this


Not sure where to go with this to be honest

Any ideas??

Add.png32.08 KBsimonbcfa
Error.png65.32 KBsimonbcfa


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I dont have this issue on standard Flexslider install, the fact that it references flexslider_picture means that the issue is probably with the pictures module. i.e this might be where you want to be looking:


as it seems there are some incompatibility issues between the 2 modules since the last updates.

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The patches didnt work but turning off the flexslider picture module did allow me to create a new optionset

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