After two lively years of running the configuration management initiative and traveling across the world to speak at camps and attend sprints I found myself hitting a wall and needing to take a break. It has turned out that this break has turned into more of a sabbatical, and in the meantime Alex Pott has done a fantastic job of stepping up and taking over leadership of the project. I don't know when I'll be returning to active core work, so I shoudn't be listed as a CMI maintainer in MAINTAINERS.txt as a reflection of that reality. Miss you all, just enjoying the sunshine a bit more these days :)

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Thank you Greg for making CMI awesome and also pushing core toward more sustainability. It's been a great couple of years! Fun memories.

(Note that we're keeping Greg under the initiative lead listing deliberately, because the initiative leads are the ones who made their parts of D8 happen, whether they're actively maintaining components or not.)

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thanks for all the awesome work Greg, glad you're enjoying the sun :-)

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Thanks for all the hard work and all the trust you placed in me :)

Committed beca96c and pushed to 8.x. Thanks!

  • Commit beca96c on 8.x by alexpott:
    Issue #2276667 by heyrocker: Remove heyrocker as CMI maintainer from...

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