I'm trying to run the module Fitvids with my video field made with the Embed Video Field module in a content type.
The theme that I have right now working is the default Bartik.
I have done all the steps that indicates at the module page:

  • Download the module and the library. Js in the appropriate folder.
  • Enable the module and recognizes fitvids.js.
  • Use jQuery 1.7 or above.

I've tried different CSS selectors at configuration of Fitvids but still don't show fluid videos.

I hope you can help me.
A greeting.


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Is this online? can you share a URL?
If not, can you paste the HTML of the generated page?

Where is the video coming from?
Fitvids knows about a few providers (youtube, facebook, vimeo) but you have to tell it about others (on the settings page).

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same problem for me Derek im afraid. Ive used your fine module on a few sites but right now im getting a few probs.

sites/all/libraries/libraries/fitvids/jquery.fitvids.js (from the link on the main module page


can be viewed here-

i am using Video Embed Field.

i still see this notice on the fitvids config age although i believe i have it set up right

You need to download the FitVids.js jQuery plugin to use this module. Download it from here and copy it to /jquery.fitvids.js.

does that mean libraries/fitvids/jquery.fitvids.js. as i have done or am i mising a part?


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It should be in sites/all/libraries/fitvids/jquery.fitvids.js

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I am getting the following message in my report status:

FitVids jQuery plugin Missing
The FitVids jQuery plugin is missing.

However, I've checked and double checked and I have sites/all/libraries/fitvids/jquery.fitvids.js as you said above. I've no idea why it's not seeing the plug in. Any ideas?



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Hi got the answer:

kylebehse commented 4 months ago

Thanks guys, was permission issue for me too! Needs 755 for ./libraries/fitvids/ and 644 for ./libraries/fitvids/jquery.fitvids.js

Works now.


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I have an issue that's within the realm of this conversation. I need to exclude the Embed Video Field. The Fitvids module is distorting my existing youtube video field module content. Squeezing the video size. I have change the youtube video field module sizes to all available levels but it still looks like crap when fitvids is active in the body content area.


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It may be something small and trivial, but I didn't realize when I downloaded the JS, .txt was placed at the end of the filename.

I removed it and the error was cleared.

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#7 was helped me to solve my issue but there's a mistake it needs 755 for ./libraries/fitvids/jquery.fitvids.js