Hi Starbow!

there is a sentence in the description:
"It offers to place a .htaccess file in that directory that will prevent files from being directly accessed on Apache webservers."
My question is what should I put in the .htaccess file (in the private folder), to prevent files from being directly accessed.
Anything else is working fine, but I can directly access the files in the private folder.
(the same thing when I try to access the standard "files" folder, but I don't know should I able to do it or not. maybe the webserver not configured properly?)
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You have an .htaccess file in private folder. Great. (I copied the htaccess file form the files folder to the files/private folder)
Very bad! Your private files are not private!
all others are Great.


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Just delete your current private/.htaccess file, and the module will create one for you that will work.

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