IMCE 7.19 is installed as indicated on README, for drupal 7.28. shows the window for uploading;
it's then possible to choose the image on the computer with any size, and upload;
the first message is that the file is uploaded, the second one that the file is not an image;
the file's name is in the server file's list, but without any image on the server;
when i try to delete it, the message is that this choice is forbidden, contact the administrator (i translate from french).
and after trying n times with the same file, i get file_n.jpg in the list.
after refreshing the directory, all these "files" disappear, but the next try will give file_n+1.

note : when the image is already on the server, I can insert it with IMCE in my text (I'm using ckeditor)

auto-edit : of course I the administrator / user 1


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Before posting a bug report, please make sure it is reproducible under certain conditions and share the steps containing details like browser info, site configuration, error messages, etc.

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ok, what else do you want I precise ?
It has been tested with firefox 29.0.1 and Chrome 34.0;
you have the messages I got;
what elements of the configuration ?

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in admin/reports/security-review/settings I have checked all verifications (to be skipped)
in admin/config/system/googleanalytics, pages *imce* are exceptions
in admin/config/content/formats/full_html (i use it and it is at the top of the list), I checked HTML elements --> < img >

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You can create a test environment with a clean Drupal core + IMCE. Testing from scratch will allow you to see if its a webserver issue or not.

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ok, Thanks, I come back in a few minutes, hours, days, ... ;-)

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it works on the same server with a fresh installation;
please, dont' close it : I'll try to find the incompatibility

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I found it (one ?)
incompatibility with "Media Browser Plus for Media 2.x 7.x-3.0-beta2"

I found then this post :

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One precision more : in fact, when I try to upload with IMCE, Media Browser Plus Code is used instead of IMCE's , and files are uploaded, but :
- the original image is going in /default/files
- a thumbnail is created in default/files/styles/media_thumbnail/public

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when I try to upload with IMCE, Media Browser Plus Code is used instead of IMCE's

how is that happening?

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It because Media browser plus module uses hook_file_presave in When ever file uploads it check for the term id if not exist take redirect to root folder.

if($entity->source == 'imce') return ;

Apply this code at the begining of hook_file_presave in, it resolves the problem. I know it's not a permanent solution even though it helps to get rid out the issue. Any more sugesstions are appriciate.

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#11 works for me