One of my clients has a very rubust and functioning custom CRM system built in ASP which they have been using for years. Now, they are thinking of migrating that CRM system to drupal. However. they have doubts whelther drupal has the capability to handle a crm system.

Do you think it's possible and advisable to build or migrate that CRM to drupal?

Please let me know your honest and unbiased thought about this project.



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There are a number of CRM solutions for Drupal.

These include the CRM Core, CiviCRM, Redhen, Party and others.

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Thanks for your input. From your perspective, do you think drupal has no limitation as a platform for developing CRM systems based on the fact that you can use any of the drupal CRM solution?

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While I do not see an limitations on what Drupal can does as a CRM, existing solutions may or may not be a close match to your needs and it is always possible that you might need extensive custom work on top of what ever solution you choose as a starting point.