hope someone can help me, I installed xampp and drupal yesterday and everything went fine and I even started to modemrate my new drupal site, but today when I happily typed in http://localhost/drupal-5.7 I can'ät connect to my MySQL I get thios from drupal:"The MySQL error was: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061).
Currently, the username is mariahasselqvist and the database server is localhost."

and when I start the XAMPP control panel the apache is running but when I try to start the My SQL I get this error:
ERROR: MySQL service not started(-1)

and I can't open the phpadmin there I get the error message: #2003 - The server doesn't answer.

When I check the status in admin for xampp it says that My SWQL i deactivated and I have no idea how to activate it I can't find anywhere to do that.

So I hope someone can help me!
I run my local host on windows XP

thanks in advance!


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Forgive me for stating the obvious, but double check what privileges your “Drupal” user has when you run the configuration to install Drupal. To get things done quickly, and for security purposes, I create a special user for maintaining Drupal. Then I give this user “global privileges” and all rights in Xampp. Then I install Drupal, go through the configuration process. This creates the database for what ever website you wish to run. Then I go back to Xampp. I revoke the global privileges, and I then go in and I give database specific privileges for the Drupal user instead of global. That way the user is governing only that website and cannot touch other areas of MySQL in Xampp.

If MySQL is not running, you might want to check its service status. Do this from the Manage menu in My Computer and not the Xampp control panel. See if MySQL is installed as a service (you might want to do that if it isn't already). See if you can restart MySQL from the Windows' Services Menu. Hope this helps.

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thank you for your responses I will try this I don't think my MySQL is installed as a service in xampp maybee that's the problem

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If you can't start the MySQL server then it looks like a XAMPP problem rather than a Drupal problem - suggest you try the XAMPP website/support options. But first if you haven't already tried the most useful Windows troubleshooting trick ... reboot your PC :-P