Hello! I'm Manuel and I new in this community. I'm from to Canary Islands and I speak spanish. What is better here, talking in Spanish or English?

I'm working some time with Drupal but I'm not Guru jaja. But I know something and I know the algorithmic process and some programming languages. But I don't know PHP code.

I know the drupal structure, and some modules as Panels, Token, a little of Views (My next module for study) SEO modules (This is my specialty), Mucho Menú, etc, etc.

Now I learn the interestings "feeds" module and I will dominate jaja step to step.

Well, nice to meet you all !!!



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Hi Manuel


This is almost entirely an English-language forum and posts in Spanish rarely receive replies, although many people here (including Drupal's founder) do not have English as their first language. For Spanish language discussions please see http://asociaciondrupal.es/

Keep an eye on what is happening in Drupal 8, which is likely to be released before the end of the year. Alpha versions are available for testing and development although not production-ready yet.

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Hi John_B!

Thank you very much for you attentions and for the url, I didn't know this web and I'm going to looking there :)

See you!

Si conozco la respuesta, te ayudaré.