Hi All
I know fair amount of drupal

I am building a small cms at work(its not a competition to drupal :) ) and thought of posting the question here owing to the expert folks here in CMS
I wanted to know if there is any database model for CMS

What I want to accomplish is that given a page id, I can get the of controls to show on the specific page from DB

Controls could be any html controls like textbox(min, max, default text, id etc all stored in DB), listbox(id, name, default etc stored in DB. Also, if select box is country or state, need to get data from DB as well), radio buttons etc

Content is also dependent on the language selected.
Please help
I went through http://www.databaseanswers.org/data_models/index.htm but could not see any data model related to CMS


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the people here are here precisely because they've chosen to use drupal rather than create a custom cms, lol. I doubt you'll get much discussion on this topic here. There must be better places to ask about a bespoke cms.

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ok thanks!
If I don't get any more replies I will post on other forum
Any idea which forum would be a best fit for this question?