hello Guys,

I have install drupal correctly and can access my phpmyadmin through firefox.
But with Google Chrome i cannot. The error reads

 HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found

can somebody kindly help. Thanks in advance.


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accessing phpmyadmin isn't directly related to a drupal installation. Please edit the post and move it to the 'general discussion' forum. Thanks.

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Most likely you have AllowOverride set to None in Apache. I believe that is the default, and it will prevent your .htaccess files from working (These are the files that make your URLs work).

Edit your Apache config file, search for every instance of AllowOverride and change it to "All"

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thank you. With that changes it works fine


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Hello to every one,

the same problem stated above reappeared again, although AllowOverride is set to 'All'. when the problem appeared for the first time I made the changes (set AllowOverride to All) it works fine but now my site or Phpadmin cannot be open access through Google Chrome.
Kindly help. Thanks in advance