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MD5: b44d8f6dee77c49888c0976382f26c06
SHA-1: 01fca129a5275e716c49c2c11dce87800c9fa181
SHA-256: 8ca6d28035fa6110f3b4e7fcedfec496c2b64bf3a673b731d854d51a893bb3c2
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MD5: 5738441f04f5b72445a65bf9eda27928
SHA-1: 6ddf9180e4082a1852fd08b8fcc109b3b7228e50
SHA-256: 0a341f3017f5620fecf0f44c24d267617f26bc6e08468b1b92151936248cf2a5

Release info

Created by: joachim
Created on: 3 May 2014 at 10:43 UTC
Last updated: 31 Aug 2016 at 17:43 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-3.4:


  • #2196085 by cs_shadow: Fixed hook_entity_delete() getting invoked only after field data is deleted.
  • #2121053 by joachim: Fixed field_attach_presave() getting called too late on when inserting or updating a Flagging.
  • #2255199 by jhedstrom, joachim: Fixed button in flagging confirm form showing raw HTML tags if the flag link text contains HTML.
  • #2254417 by joachim: Fixed Flagging fields in flag confirm form not getting validated by Field API.
  • #2238349 by czigor: Fixed Issue-User who flagged the xxx rules action does not respect global flag.
  • #2207543 by cs_shadow: Fixed strict warning with array_keys().

New features:

  • #2027091 by hefox, jhedstrom: Added hook_flag_default_flags_alter to allow altering of default flag definitions.

Code clean-up and tests:

  • #2257603 by joachim: Moved code for populating or creating a Flagging entity to be together.
  • #2196055 by joachim: Added testing of Flagging properties, restoring commented-out assertions.
  • #2254415 by joachim: Removed todo regarding field_attach_validate(), added documentation stating the caller's responsibility to perform Field API validation.
  • #2254399 by joachim: Removed pointless checking of $account: it is always at least set to the $user global.
  • #2254171 by joachim: Moved Rules event invocation to a helper method.
  • #2250543 by joachim: Removed pointless call to get_flagging().
  • #2202969 by joachim: Changed low-level helper methods for flag_flag::flag().
  • #2245601 by cs_shadow, joachim: Fixed coding standards errors.
  • #2210061 by cs_shadow: Changed UI labels of test cases to remove 'Flag' prefix.


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