Hi all drupal men!
I make a list of exhaustive modules that i have tested for my website.
I take a lot of time between bugs and functionality to find what i need also i propose you my short list
on http://smicworld.com/modules-drupal
Help me to add other modules that you have tested
very simple just answer to these questions :
Categorie : social, administration, developpment etc..
description : what does it do?
bugs : known
let s go in the smicword community , small community wants to become bigger.
I hope that i could help you.


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Hi all drupal men!

You do realize there are a remarkable number of amazing women here too, right?

Also, not a Module coding question - moved to Show off your Drupal Site forum.


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Holy hand grenades batman... It is 2014 right? Lol

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I correct by hi everybody