I got a D7 website to take care of. Since the website is still "in charge" of the old/current/outside web development company, I don’t want to do anything on the production website to avoid any possible conflict with the web development company.
I installed copy of the website on my localhost and trying to figure it out what they were doing. The website is rather complex with tons of content types, webforms and custom modules.
Anybody already had exact or similar experience with taking over a website? Any tips and trick would be appreciated.

Thanks for any help.


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You'd be doing yourself a favor by getting a book on Drupal and going through it. A book on Drupal will give you the basic concepts, and probably introduce you to some of the well used modules. After you have read it, you will likely have a much better understanding of what you are looking at than you do now.

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I'm (I think I am) beyond the basic knowledge of Drupal, more intermediate. So, sorry for not being clear in my first post.
What was I asking is if somebody hand you over his D7 website, what and how you check/test the website? Like somebody suggested to instal hacker module and check id the core is modified. Or, check if there is php code in any node. Something like that...

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I found in the database bunch of "redhen_" tables, like redhen_contact, redhen_contact_revision_redhen_contact_type, redhen_contact_user... as well as field_data_redhen_contact_email... or field_revision_redhen_contact_email, all empty?!?!? There is no redhen module installed. Is it possible they installed RedHen module and then deleted/removed, but the tables left? Should I remove them manually?
Any idea?

P.S. In Fields list (/admin/reports/fields) I don't see anything redhen-ish...

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