I'm the owner of a drupal project for which I have hired out. The project has been going on for several months and I have through this time learned how complicated things have gotten.

When developer showed me admin controls in drupal he thought it was easy and simple (his russian accent probably did not help explanation) but for me it was really complicated and I forget everything right away even thought I would consider myself having decent technical skills.

My question is about hooking up drupal projects to alternative platforms. I want to get a forum/ blog going and my developer suggested drupal moduals (again it was supposed to be user friendly) but i am skeptical.

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestion linking drupal with simpler platforms such as ghost blogging of a square space website where by I can simply split domains. Its not important for user to use same login for forum or bloggin (want multiple contributors for blogging)

I was also wondering about getting certain aspects of the site onto a simpler platform that I can upgrade myself such as the help section, application sections, etc. I do not want to design CSS page for every new iteration or to have to get help from developer every time a page changes which I have been having to do.

Ideally I would like to keep complicated parts of the site in drupal and get a simpler alternative for parts which are heavy in text content and need for user friendliness.



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I always recommend against integrating other platforms with Drupal. It turns out to be more of a headache than its worth:

1) You end up with additional admin sections, additional user pages, additional login pages, and additional whatever other pages. One for each different system. So if you are using Drupal for the site, phpbb for the forum, and wordpress for the blog, you end up having 3 different admins, user pages, logins etc
2) Synchronizing the login between these systems is a headache. When something goes wrong it's very difficult to debug.
3) You won't have true integration between the different sections of your site. You may have some slight integration, but nothing particularly complex.
4) You have multiple systems that have separate upgrade methods. And upgrading one, may break the integration with the other. You upgrade Drupal - blog breaks. Or you upgrade the blog - integration with Drupal breaks.

I've done it for a site I was running, and ran it for two years with a bridge before saying screw it, and switching to a Drupal only solution.

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Thanks for the Advice Jaypan.

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Yep, i have to agree with jay-- it's simply not worth it. You're much better off putting some time and effort into simplifying the ui for the routine things you need to do. You don't mention the specific things you're having problems with, but there's all sorts of things you can do-- add an editor and/or spark like functionality, panelizer, create custom admin screens with views_bulk_operations and/or context_admin, etc.