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This organization is a Drupal services provider.
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For a decade we have helped companies increase the value of their digital information assets. Our clients have been some of the most successful e-commerce retailers in Scandinavia and many successful private and public organizations. As a result our clients have increased sales, improved customer support, brand loyalty, internal efficiency and other positive effects from making their information and products easier to find.

Our experience comes from all aspects of digital knowledge and information management. There is a saying we totally agree with: “It’s not information overload, it’s a filter failure”. Look at Google for example. We think that all site search engines should be as good as Google – that’s why we have created Visitors Voice.

Drupal contributions

We have launched an integration with Drupal for our free SaaS that really adds value to Solr installations on Drupal: (and we intend to port this for Drupal 8 and add more backends like Elastic Search and database search,

We helped organize this camp:

We have given sessions at: Drupalhagen 2014, Drupalcamp Göteborg 2014

We sponsor this module:

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Visitors Voice, Search API Solr Search