I am at the exciting stage of having been invited to a second interview at a web agency specialising in Drupal. The first interview was with a couple of more technical staff, but number two will be with the relatively new MD.

My background is broadly "IT" with some self taught exposure to web technologies, but this certainly my weakness - having no commercial Drupal experience under my belt.

I feel I was given the 2nd interview based on my enthusiasm and I am indeed excited by the prospect a working in such a specialist environment. Plus the Drupal community looks like a fantastic thing to be part of.

I'm posting to hear peoples opinions on what is the quickest way to get myself up to speed as possible. I want to show that I have a plan in place were I to be offered the job. Also any general advice for the interview, or things to prepare beforehand would be perfect for my situation.

Fingers crossed...


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Read the documentation on this site.

More specific advice would depend on your role. Employers may ask applicants to be backend developers, frontend developers, site builders and sysadmins. However, reality is few people do it all.

A few points which will help you 'bluff' being up to speed with the Drupal world:

Also, I would just go and install Drupal, work out how to use Views module, maybe how to use Panels module as an alternative or adjunct to the core theming layer. Another approach to extending core theming is Context module. To my mind this is more important than understand the APIs which you can always learn if you can write PHP.

Also find out what Drupal 8 'means' with the big shift to Obect Oriented style, to namespacing and dependency injection and other features looking like a more 'professionalised' design.

Also understand why workflow is such an issue in Drupal 7 with config in the database and some of the tools (e.g. Features module) and working methods for handling this. Drupal 8's CMI (google it!) hopefully will fix that.

Understand why there is no major version upgrade path from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 (just Migrate).

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Great, thanks for the tips!

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Great to inform. John is right. Actually, you need to focus on the drupal community news and latest updates. I am also an IT expert and got recruited to a local IT agency few months ago. You should be confident on interview board and avoid those topics you really don't know exactly. Don't try to negotiate with them if you are a fresher. Best of luck!