Hi there;

First of all thanks for all your efforts.

I'm having several issues when putting Commerce Marketplace to work.

First of all, I am following your tutorial. I can create new stores, I enable for them the payments I already had (two example payments and a Sermepa test-envirmnment payment) and i associate the new stores to the admin.

Then, I assign a store to each product i ha¡ve.

Now, I try to re-stack the checkout panes, as in your indications:


It doesn't work. The system message logo sometimes it just says it's saved - but it-s not - and others it states that:

Marketplace: Off-site payment redirect is locked in the code to the Pago page and was repositioned accordingly

As far as I understood, Off-site payment redirect panel is not related to the "Pago" (payment) panel, which belongs to the Drupal Commerce core modules.

I have checked admin permissions, and changed nothing neither after nor before Commerce Marketplace installation. I've tried uninstall and install to no avail. I've also tried clearing all caches. The error persists.

I''m using Commerce Kickstart 7.x-2.13

Any help is appreciated

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Yes, it should work this way, you are not supposed to move those checkout panes around manually, as it is done automatically by the module. My fault, as it wasn't explained before, I have just added it both to the previous blog post illustrating these features, as well as explained it again in the new one, describing current status of the module.

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Thank you!