Is there a plans to make a 8.x-dev branch?
Also there's collision with {{ }} with twig so we need to choose replacement:
1) {[{ xxx }]} or [[ xxx ]] for angular code
2) verbatim twig


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Title: AngularJS Drupal 8 » AngularJS Drupal 8 twig
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I don't think there is an issue with the {{}} template notation. Twig and angular template are used for separate things. Twig is compiled server side while angular templates are complied client side.

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There is a JS implementation of Twig. There'd be a lot of value in having the same template files used for both server-side and client-side rendering.

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@stevector thanx for link.

That's what I exactly meaning, having the same template for client and server side both is great

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I was thinking about the syntax of both engines yesterday too, especially after seeing the filtering in twig

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Any progress on this regards?

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*bump* - not sure what else to say apart from looking at hooking into angular on Xmas day and ended up here.

My story is a 3rd party availability search has been sketched out in angular laravel etc. and I'm working out the intersections between 8 commerce and what they've built so far.

Content I'm gông to replace with Drupal, but availability search going to stay front end and report back search string so can save recent searches and some stats, so can do things like see if zero results, general search behaviour etc. but probably not store all results however I guess that is best way then can use later whenever however.


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Title: AngularJS Drupal 8 twig » AngularJS Drupal 8

For folks seeking D8 AngularJS libraries, check out, a wrapper around the full-featured jDrupal REST library for D8.

Currently, it's experimental and not plug-and-play as a full Drupal module. However, until I find a better interface library I'll continue improving it and accepting pull requests.

Note: I reverted the title to reflect the scope of the original issue, which inquires about a D8 version of the module.