Background info:
I have a total of 25 years of work experience of which 15 years in various IT roles - programming, analysis, proj management and so on.

I am now retired but want to start a home based business for myself. Recently I started playing with Drupal and wordpress cms. My plan is to create and manage websites for small businesses. I have no intention to grow big - eg hiring more people to do the work. I want to stay small, do it myself but perfectly.

My question is:

What kinds of businesses/industry is more suited to use Drupal CMS?, Drupal Commerce?, CiviCRM? Any successful small business implementation you know of?

I would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you in Advance.


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the question is more like what kind of website do you want to build?

Sometimes building simple 5 pages catalogue site is a bit overkill for Drupal.

if you can use drupal why use others?