Currently when there is one slide, the links and navigations don't display, but the pause/play button is shown. This is more of an issue in flexslider library, but I think it is much easier to fix in the module.


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Patch attached.

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Works great for us, thanks MiroslavBanov!

+1 to commit.

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While we are at it why don't we make it more general ?

don't call the flexslider function at all when there is only one slide

for example the Touch (swipe) functionality on mobiles is working
when the Loop Slideshow is checked even with just one image/slide

is there a solution that encompasses all cases ?
when only 1 slide don't use flexslider at all or something similar
as an option or otherwise would be nice

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This patch worked for me.

+1 commit.

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Status: Needs review » Reviewed & tested by the community
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I'll review it. Trying to think of a situation where this might cause a problem. Haven't thought of one yet.

Can you maybe add some additional text to the admin config screen for the pausePlay option explaining that it won't show if there's only a single slide?