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You can do more with a theme than change the appearance of an entire site. It is also possible to "theme" only certain sections of a site, select types of content, or even individual pages. For example, your theme could specify a different look for just the front page of your site.

Some other things that you can do with a theme are:

  • Change layouts, images or fonts
  • Hide or display fields dependent on user role
  • Dynamically respond to changes in the content or to user input
  • Modify or replace text (e.g., labels or attributes) and variables generated by modules
  • It's also possible to port open source designs between other systems (Joomla! templates, WordPress themes, etc.) and Drupal, or convert any website layout or template into a Drupal theme

Sub-theme Creation

Easy and quickest way to build themes in drupal is creating Sub theme. Sub theme is just like normal theme but it is using some parent theme as the base and it will inherit the properties from base theme. So you don't need to have all templates in sub theme unless you want to overwrite it.

More Info

Contributing and maintaining themes

Open source projects rely on contributors. If you have a theme you would like to contribute, please do.

For a collection of useful materials for themers, see Theming and Front End Development with Drupal.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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I apologize but I have never gone on a forum before and have someone helping me with my website design. Can anyone show me a "Drupal" website that has similarities in appearance as these two sites: and Thank you so much. Email

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Hello Angela,

Similar work done:

Let me know, if I can help you further.


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I worpress my website, I edit the theme, but how can I solve the problem does not seem to fully icons website: tez hazırlama

jigish.chauhan’s picture


Reviewed your provided website and I noticed:

1) Your ".eot" file might be old.
2) Code might be missing for icons in CSS file.
3) Imported font path not matched or any CSS override.

You can resolve issue by above mentioned points, or you can use newer version of Font-Awesome

Feel free to contact me in case of query/concern regarding this.